Basic 3D Virtual Fashion Course

 Graphics & 3D Virtual Fashion Design & Animation Trainer

We have more than 21 years of experience in Design & fashion. 

We have completed CLO3D Training from Online Base India (Trained by CLO Company) & completed the Knitwear Merchandising Course (BGMEA Institute of Fashion & Technology)

★★ Join the course to achieve your desired goals ★★

Basic 3D Virtual Fashion Course (Course Fee - 19000/= )

1. Introduction to 3D Virtual Fashion

2. Designing software - CLO

3. Software Setup

5. Designing tools

6. Introducing the CLO screen & Mouse Function

7. Sewing

8. How to Create Basic T-Shirt (Knit)

9. How to Adding Color with Pantone

10. Sizing

11. How to add Prints

12. Render